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Machinery | Irrigation | AgriTech

After successfully organising AgroMach Africa 2020, TAB group is delighted to launch AgroMach MENA 2021.

AgroMach MENA 2021 – is expected to be the largest virtual interactive framework and trade expo that will bring together key industry decision makers & stake holders to discuss, network & do business.

AgroMach continues to be a highly sought after exclusive content focussed conference and exhibition where decision makers, key stakeholders and business leaders connect with industry experts, manufacturers, dealers and distributors for networking, exploring business opportunities and exchanging innovative ideas.

The expo will showcase the widest range of latest agriculture machinery, cutting edge irrigation solutions and innovative agri technologies in the Agriculture Sector. It will provide a dedicated platform for both MENA and international agriculture professionals, manufacturers, dealers and investors to discuss the nature of their business, promote their resources and build fruitful partnerships with complete focus on business development.

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AgroMach MENA 2021 will target three important set of stakeholders

AgroMach MENA presents an unparalleled opportunity for you to keep up with the wave of new technologies, agri-mechanization and innovative ideas in irrigation. This is the premier event to enhance your industry knowledge, network with peers and meet exhibitors who will present their new products and latest innovations in the field of agriculture mechanization, technology and irrigation for your on-the-job needs.
  • 1. International Companies
    These will include global agri-business from different countries who are interested in exploring business & partnership opportunities in the MENA region. These will include Agriculture Investment companies, Machinery & Equipment companies, Irrigation companies, Technology & Consulting Companies etc.
  • 2. Regional Companies
    These will include both indigenous and international companies already working in a region. They will network with the global companies, explore new partnerships & technologies and share their expertise.
  • 3. Institutions
    This will include the key stakeholders from the relevant ministries, associations, financial institutions, academia & organizations who will talk about the Challenges, Investment Opportunities, Research, Policies, Regulations & Implementation. The participating companies will also have the opportunity to seek advice to facilitate their business decisions.
Countries Represented
AgroMach MENA 2021 – Machinery | Irrigation | AgriTech
Growing adoption of a value chain approach to Mechanization in Agriculture.
Increasing the use AI-based Agriculture Technologies.
Application of Smart and Mechanized Irrigation methods.

Gain Critical Intelligence On The Future of Agriculture Through Mechanization, Irrigation And Technology.